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Thank you for your interest in this music! 


I can accept payment by Credit Card, or with a check (P.O.) Credit card payments are processed through the Stripe platform which is a safe and secure way to process payment. Please use the order form below that is appropriate to your preferred payment. 


Scores and Parts are purchased independently (á la carte). So make sure you purchase both if you are wanting a full set. Scores are shipped as hard copies but had be received as a PDF download if needed quickly. Parts are distributed via PDF on either a compact disk (if you would like a hard version to hang on to for your library) or I can email them to you. 


All Parts and downloaded Scores are stamped with the purchasers information and a short legal clause which basically asks you to not copy, distribute, or resell the materials to any 3rd parties. 


All orders are shipped USPS Priority and can be expected within 7 business days of receipt of payment (most orders get their much quicker!).


When you purchase Parts you are purchasing a Site License. What the heck is a Site License you say? Well, like computer software a Site License grants the ensemble that purchases the music unlimited future performances as long as it is the purchasing ensemble that is performing it. In short, no sharing! So if you are a conductor who plans to use one of my works for an honor band (thank you BTW!) that honor band will need to purchase a Part-Set for themselves. I do offer discounts for honor bands however for a couple of my pieces so make sure to ask me about it when filling out an order form. 


Please contact me for further info. 

Let's order some music, shall we!!

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If you are needing to place an order with a credit card for multiple copies of different works (ie. 3 copies of Autobahn score + 2 copies of Cafe 512 + a part set to And How!) please let me know and I will send you a specific invoice for that order.