Music for Pageantry


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Designs listed on the following pages are available for lease. These designs can be acquired as full productions, or individual parts can be taken from different shows and re-mixed to create something new. 

A couple things...

  • Sample perusal scores are available upon request. 
  • Unless marked with a (*), 'Permission-To-Arrange' licensing is required for all productions. No materials will be released until the licensing is acquired. Those productions marked with a (*) are public domain works and do NOT require licensing. 
  • Each arrangement comes with PDF's of the wind score and parts, MP3s, and XML files. Sibelius files are available upon request. If you are interested in the percussion design that is associated with a particular arrangement I can put you in contact with the original designer. All of these shows were written in conjunction with some of the top percussion designers in the country so you can trust that the quality of writing is world class.
  • Edits are available for an additional fee. Fee is determined by the edits requested. 

Please email me if you have any additional questions concerning the designs, licensing, etc. Envelope