symphonic winds & percussion

There are certain people in the world, from all walks of life, who envision and dream about what could be. They are forward thinkers, people who see past the status-quo. They find hope and adventure in possibility and discovery. For them it's about turning the average today into an amazing tomorrow. And when these individuals take their bold ideas and combine them with action, faith, and perseverance, they become a catalyst for turning that which was previously though impossible into reality. These people are known as Visionaries. 

"Visionaries" is based around a simple theme first stated by the clarinet. In the same way that a person goes through different challenges and stages on their way to achieving their goals so too this "vision" theme is taken through several variations and moods before coming to a large resolution at the end of the piece. 

Visionaries is dedicated to Dr. Tonya Millsap and the students of the Glenn C. Jones Middle School band, who's visionary ideas and thoughts were the inspiration behind this piece.

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Score: 25