symphonic winds & percussion

Rêverie is a simple, lyrical work written originally for piano by Claude Debussy in 1890. Here the work has been re-set for symphonic winds. 

Fromont published Rêverie years after Debussy had given it to them. By this time, Debussy’s opinion of it had changed: “I regret very much your decision to publish Rêverie… I wrote it in a hurry years ago, purely for material considerations. It is a work of no consequence and I frankly consider it no good.” Debussy may have written off the work, but perhaps one of his other musings would better describe the magic of this Rêverie:

Music is a mysterious form of mathematics whose elements are derived from the infinite. Music is the expression of the movement of the waters, the play of curves described by changing breezes.

© Greg Smith, 2009

This transcription was written for the Guyer High School Band.



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