symphonic winds, percussion, and marching band

Joie De Vivre (The Joy of Living), is a celebration! It imagines a reunion of people, having been separated by time and hardship, coming together under the banner of music and community. 

Written for symphonic winds, percussion, and marching band, Joie De Vivre takes its inspiration from the famous Second Line parade bands found in New Orleans. Dubbed the quintessential New Orleans art form, these "jazz funerals without a body" are held for any kind of event that people feel merits a parading band.

The piece begins with solo clarinet, who sends out the call that it is time to get the party started. A marching band assembles, and along with the clarinet, they summon the rest of the revelers to join in. The work touches on blues, dixieland, and ragtime styles before the full ensemble comes together into a rousing conclusion. 

Joie De Vivre was commissioned by the Leander High School Band (Robert Selaiden, director) for their performance at the 2021 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, Illinois. 

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Full Score: 30

Parts | Site License: 145