CAFÉ 512

for symphonic winds & percussion

As I was beginning to brainstorm ideas for this piece I stumbled across the title of a piece by famed Argentinean composer Astor Piazzolla called "Café 1930". I found the title immediately intriguing and in wanting to write a piece that tipped the hat heavily towards a specific style, the mood and intensity found within tango seemed to be the right fit. The similarities between Piazzolla's work and the one I was looking to write pretty much end at the title. Whereas Piazzolla's work is intimate, slow, and melancholy (as well as being a true tango), I wanted to write something more dance-like and energetic. The piece is built on a motivic phrase based on a 5+1+2 note grouping (512 being the area code for Austin TX) and is structured in A-B-A form. 

"CAFÉ 512" was commissioned by Susan Glover and the West Ridge Middle School Band for their performance at the 2010 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, Illinois.



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Score: 30