for symphonic winds & percussion

Snaking through central Europe is a unique highway system called the Autobahn. What makes this highway special is the absence of speed limits. Your only hindrence is the performance ability of the vehicle your driving. 

In writing this piece I wanted to focus less on the idea of speed and more on the freedom and exhilaration that one feels while driving on a road with no limitations. In the beginning of the work fast cars whiz by (as imitated by the slide-gliss in the trombone) as the "driver" begins to accelerate onto the highway. Driving fast is a real thrill until they run into traffic. Honking horns and police sirens add to the frustration. The traffic eventually clears though and the driver puts the pedal to the metal and cruises off into the European countryside. 

The work is dedicated to the students of the Glenn C. Jones Middle School Honor Band and their director, Dr. Tonya Millsap, whose ideas where the driving force behind this piece. And also a special thanks goes to Jake Marbury who gave us the title for the work.



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Score: 25