design & portfolio

No two marching ensembles are the same. Some are big, some are small. Some come from urban areas, others from rural towns. You have bands that stick with more symphonic sounds while others prefer something with a bit more swing. And every director is different, each coming to the table with different experiences, methods, and philosophies that help define the program they lead. 

So, what is needed is a music design that fits who you are. One that overtly displays the skills and talents of your strongest players while at the same time providing realistic challenges that allow you to grow your developing performers. You know your program, and you know the goals you have set for your students, so why not have a show that allows you to be you, not the other band down the street. 

Please launch the portfolio below for examples of some of the shows that I have been fortunate enough to work on.  

*This playlist is not exhaustive, but is meant to highlight some of my music design work. This portfolio will be updated and changed based on latest availability.